March 18, 2022

An oasis to work or study at home

An oasis to work or study at home

Behind the Design

More and more Australians are choosing to work from home for at least a portion of their working week. While working at the dining room table may have been suitable for a few days, we are now seeking permanent home office solutions included in our home design. Architect John Demos has integrated this trend into Candela.

“I designed the apartments for flexible modern lifestyles and the study nook provides a quiet oasis to work or study at home with a view and great natural light. Designed correctly, study nooks are a practical solution to otherwise unused space and help an apartment to flow seamlessly.”

A compact study nook is often a better use of space than using a bedroom as a study. The combination of smaller laptops and tablets replacing traditional PCs, as well as the significant improvement in wireless technology, means devices don’t need to be anchored to the wires and modem the way they used to be. Candela’s interior designer Kathy Demos adds “The key to keeping your study nook compact is to look for furniture pieces that aren’t too heavy or bulky. A streamlined desk and a chair that can accommodate you for several hours at a time, while taking up minimal floor space. You’ll also want to think vertically when it comes to storage, to ensure you take up a smaller footprint within the apartment.”

Another post-COVID trend is the need for space and a greater connection to nature. Candela’s spacious communal rooftop terrace encompassed by greenery, provides a generous environment for outdoor time when working or studying from home, and for socially distanced gatherings with friends and family – all whilst enjoying amazing views across to the Dandenong Ranges.