January 28, 2022

The Big Four

The Big Four

Love Your Community

How long have you lived in Ivanhoe?

Since 2001, the year our first daughter was born – feels like yesterday, apologies for this cliché but it is true!

What attracted you to the suburb?

The big four – shops, parks, schools and transport. Being 10 kms from the city is pretty attractive if you have to commute to an office job each day.

How has it changed over time?

Not a lot. The drawcards of the suburb remain as good as ever.

What’s your favourite thing about living in Ivanhoe?

As Ivanhoe is bordered by the Yarra river, the range of walking trails, bike paths, parklands, open spaces is a big feature. There is a sense of ‘country’ in Ivanhoe. I also like that kids can walk to good local schools.

What distinguishes Ivanhoe from other suburbs in the area?

Ivanhoe’s surrounding suburbs are all quite nice. Having the main shopping strip and collection of schools means Ivanhoe becomes a bit of hub for the local area.

Are you a member of a local club – what made you choose it?

Yes, I’m a member at Latrobe Golf Club in Alphington. It’s a very nice riverside course with a friendly membership base. They’ve recently added a five hole par three course alongside the traditional 18 hole course, which is perfect for kids, as well as those that don’t want to play for four hours at a time.

What’s your favourite local restaurant?

Café Saffron in Ivanhoe is a very good Indian restaurant. East Ivy (actually in East Ivanhoe funnily enough) has good strong, hot coffee. Cosi Duci for ice cream.

Can you recommend any good walks in the area?

Once you hook up with the Yarra river trail you can (in theory) walk/ride in to the city or as far out as the hills! There’s also a nice walk from Ivanhoe through to Kew along the Darebin Creek. At the Kew end you end up at Kew Billabong, which is one of the very few billabongs in the inner city area. There is also a very nice billabong in Ivanhoe at Chelsworth Park.

Which school(s) have your kids attended that you recommend?

Ivanhoe East Primary School and Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School. It helps that they are both walking distance from home. They are also very good schools in their own right. There are plenty of excellent school options around Ivanhoe. A lot of our friends have children at Ivanhoe Grammar and Kew High.

Have you spotted any celebrities in Ivanhoe?

Someone told me that one of the hosts of The Project live in Ivanhoe but they seem to keep a very low profile!